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We Will Survive!

Monday, March 16th, 2009
When we started The 42nd Estate last April we set only one goal for the company, to survive our first year. Having previously started two companies, PC Experience (a computer repair service) and Open The Board Room (a customer service and consulting portal), I knew that just getting off the ground is a difficult task in and of itself. Read the full post

We Demand Videos! Now Open for Submissions!

Friday, November 7th, 2008

A month and a half ago we launched We Demand Videos!. Since then we’ve celebrated passing the 100 videos milestone and today we celebrate another milestone, open submissions!

If you head over to We Demand Videos!, you’ll see we now …

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100 Videos! Congratulations We Demand Videos!

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

Today’s video post over at We Demand Videos! marks the 100th video posted to the site. Congratulations on your first 100 We Demand Videos! and here’s to many more videos in the future!

How appropriate that the 100th video features dancing!

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