We are you are us.

The 42nd Estate is a community of bloggers, developers, consultants and strategists. We create compelling content, install intuitive interfaces and grow sustainable communities. We are also chameloeons who can quickly and easily integrate with you to deliver a personal product because we are you are us.

Freelance Writing

Collectively, we've been writing on the web for over ten years. Our years of experience have imbued in us a great sense of the web and its unique writing style. Whether you have a blog, news site, or any other web medium that requires excellent writing, The 42nd Estate is more than capable of hooking you up! We're also excellent article writers and do work with print media.

Blog Consulting

Whether you're just starting out blogging or are a seasoned veteran we can work with you to take your blog to the next level. Allow us to help you develop your business strategy, fine tune your marketing techniques and solve your unique problems; we're great idea generators who provide solid results.

Wordpress Hosting

While we provide traditional hosting options, we specialize in providing you a Wordpress blog that is fast, stable, and secure. If you're looking for a no hassle hosting solution that allows you to focus on blogging, we're your ideal host! We'll work to keep your site up when your traffic explodes and increase the server capacity to match its growth.

Request a free quote! You'll get a great deal because we are, after all, The 42nd Estate and we are you are us.

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