Justin Wright Survives Self-Employement

Posted by Adam Pieniazek | News | October 22nd, 2009

Member of The 42nd Estate, Justin Wright, today celebrates one year of self-employement. Head over to his blog and join in the celebration. He uses the occasion to drop ten self employment lessons he’s learned over the past twelve months that’ll come in handy whether you’re just starting out on your own or have been at it for a while.

Here’s two of my favorite lessons from Justin:

5. Money Isn’t Everything

However, working for myself quickly made me realize how unimportant money is. Yes we need it to survive, but that’s it. Other than food/water, clothes, and a place to sleep, we really don’t NEED much else. Instead, we WANT everything we see on TV. The key is to use your money wisely.

Very true. The less you spend, the less you need to earn, the less you need to work and the more time you have to enjoy life.

9. You Will Learn (A Lot)

Of all the things I’ve mentioned so far, nothing has been more enjoyable than learning. It’s absolutely amazing how many things I have learned over the course of one year. I can easily predict that I’ve learned at least 5 (maybe 10) times as much as I did from high school and college combined. I’ve learned valuable things about business, life, and everything in-between.

100% true. I’ve personally learned a lot more working at The 42nd Estate than I ever did in college or high school. A lot of people struggle with this concept of learning (more) after college, but it can be true. If you’re in a cubicle, you can slide by without learning anything new. With entrepreneurship/freelancing, it must be true or else your skills become irrelevant.

Congratulations Justin and here’s to another year for you and another year for The 42nd Estate!

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  1. Interesting post on winging it outside the cube farm. RT @The42ndEstate: Justin Wright Survives Self-Employment http://bit.ly/4seLx1 #42blog

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  2. Justin Wright Survives Self-Employement http://bit.ly/3VPLcu

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