Meet the Members: Justin Wright

Posted by Justin | Introduction | October 6th, 2008

I grew up in the good ol’ state of Wisconsin. After graduating college, I moved off to Honolulu, Hawaii and soaked up some rays on the beach. I have since returned to the mainland and currently live in Phoenix, Arizona.

I am a big techie and have a degree in Web Design/Technical Support. I currently have an office job, which I hate with a passion though I’m escaping the cube farm in the very near future. I also do a lot of freelance work with blogs, web writing, photography, and graphic design and hope to use all my skills to help out the 42nd Estate! 

When I am not here, I spend a good portion of time working on my personal blog, traveling around the world, and taking as many pictures as I can. You can also find me wasting way too much time on Twitter and Facebook.

My favorite hobbies include hiking, which I try to do as much as often. I also like camping (the real kind, no RV’s), and taking road trips across the US. Traveling is the thing I enjoy most, and my future plan is to backpack across Europe and see where that takes me.


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  1. […] and everyone welcome Justin to The 42nd Estate family, where bosses are simply non-existent and cubicles are banned! Share this […]

  2. […] big news today; we’ve added a new member to The 42nd Estate team! Everyone give a big welcome to Justin Wright of Life of Justin […]

  3. Welcome to the family dude!

    Did Adam tell you all new members must buy existing members a case of Sam Adams and a box of Cuban cigars?

    If not, don’t worry, I’ll give ya a few days to settle in first but those Cubans and brews better be here end of next week!

  4. Glad to have you as part of the team Justin! We’re all expecting big things and know you’ve got the skill and talent to deliver. Today is truly the start of something big!

    Oh, and don’t listen to Rock, though if you wanna send some beers & Cuban cigars this way they certainly won’t be denied!


  5. […] It’s with great honor that we’re introducing Justin Wright as the newest member of The 42nd Estate! […]

  6. Haha, I don’t think I can afford the shipping costs. But I will definitely drink one on your behalf…mmm beer.

  7. Works for me, cheers brotha!

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  9. Welcome aboard Justin, good to have you on.

    Josh G.
  10. […] you’re done reading and commenting on Tom’s post, bounce on over to fellow The 42nd Estate member, Justin Wright’s blog post about the top ten WordPress plugins you can’t miss. It seems […]

  11. Justin will be a great addition, I am a fan of his blog.

  12. Dear Justin, We welcome you to the community

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