Do you DoFollow?

Posted by Adam Pieniazek | News | November 10th, 2008

Well do you?

Do you know what DoFollow is?

To explain DoFollow, we’ll begin with its arch-nemesis, NoFollow. Years ago blogs were overrun with spammers commenting in order to receive backlinks, which are used by Google to determine a site’s importance. To combat the spammers, a NoFollow tag was developed by Google to signify to web spiders to avoid any nofollowed links. It was designed to prevent spammers from getting importance passed to their links via comments on blogs.

Since then NoFollow has taken off and many sites use NoFollow on all their links, while some avoid NoFollow completely. Dofollow is a movement by bloggers to revert the flow of websites enacting NoFollow and reward real people for leaving real thoughtful comments by making their links DoFollow, which does signify to Google to follow the links, hence Do Follow.

Here at The 42nd Estate we use a mix of the two, but our comments are now 100% DoFollow. We appreciate the feedback you give us and reward you with some link love. We also use commentluv, which is a wordpress plugin designed to pull and post your latest article from your blog. Mr. Money over at My Last Name Means Money also uses DoFollow in combination with commentluv so go get some from him! While you’re at it, make sure to hop on over to Justin Wright’s blog and hit up his DoFollow Blog Directory, where you can list your blog, if you do DoFollow.

So, do you DoFollow?

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8 Responses to “Do you DoFollow?”

  1. I never even thought of doing nofollow. I don’t get that many spam comments that it justifies it for me. My Askimet picks up 99.9% of spam comments so I don’t worry about it too much. I love it when I get comments on my blog so nofollow seems a little bit harsh when I’m not even established yet.

    carla´s last blog post..For the Mommy to Be (small giveaway)

  2. It really is a great way to reward comments carla!

    When switching to dofollow I do see a small increase in spam comments but I always mark my spam comments as spam before deleting them and believe it helps train akismet as I rarely have any big issues with spam. My personal blog is a PR4 and is dofollow and I only rarely see spam comments so I totally encourage you to go dofollow carla!

    Adam Pieniazek´s last blog post..An Open Letter to Ralph Nader

  3. […] we discussed DoFollow earlier this week on The 42nd Estate’s blog (you are subscribed, aren’t you?) but just […]

  4. I also saw an increase in spam, which is why I decided to install a new plugin that makes any comment link DoFollow after so many comments. It helps benefit people that comment often which is a great thing. I no longer have to deal with people that leave a 2 word comment in hopes of getting a link.

    Justin Wright´s last blog post..Launching My New Blog Today

  5. Keep up the great work 😉

  6. It’s really inspiring explanation. Giving backlink to someone through dofollow really shows kind and gracious manner of the blogger. I highly appreciate that. We must have positive thinking someone who lodge a comment not only purpose to get link but many want to learn and make social relationship, as I do. Beside a real estate practitioner I’m now trying to learn much more about optimizing a site. I realize there are abundant new information and knowledge I can get from real estate blogs. But I do sad when my comments were refused and commit not to visit such a kind of blog forever. As far as I’m concerned, rejecting a comment is boast. Thank again for all your kindness. I wish God bless you.

  7. I likethe fact your site is do follow i see alot of site listed as that but use no follow. If you let people comment you might as well let them get link back also.

    Freestuff´s last blog post..Freeloans

  8. I guess the issue of dofollow can be relative depending on your theme. It does send tons of traffic and at the same time benefits your visitors.

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