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Posted by Adam Pieniazek | Social Media | April 10th, 2009

For those of you who use twitter, you know of a phenomon that occurs every Friday called #followfriday. It is basically a trend that started a little while back where you recommend a few great twitter users to your followers. For those of you not on twitter, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and sign up now, it takes two seconds and you’ll have a list of 42 great twitter users to follow right off the bat.

Instead of limiting myself to a few people to recommend, I’m going against @unmarketing’s advice:

For #followfriday tomorrow, try suggesting fewer ppl, and add a few words on why you recommend them

And instead am giving you a list of 42 top twitter users and a sentence or two on why they rock. In no particular order:

42 of My Personal Favorite Twitter Users

  1. @RexDixon
  2. Rex is the director of public management at shopitmedia, the community manager at bit.ly, and a blogger/editor for Silicon Angle. He tweets a lot and is a good dude.

  3. @markbao
  4. Mark is a wiz at the tech biz and has already started several companies and successful sites, before graduating high school. He’s also a great replier who tweets back to everyone who tweets at him.

  5. @paulpierce34
  6. None other than the truth himself, it’s the real twitter account for Celtics all-star Paul Pierce, my personal favorite C’s player. He holds twitter Celtics ticket contests and tweets hilariously.

  7. @hichaechoc
  8. One of my twitter proteges, she’s picked up on the fine art of tweeting quickly and is a great follow. Great communicator and submits interesting links.

  9. @matthewdryden
  10. A brilliant creative young writer from Ontario. Matthew tweets out good blogging and writing tips and shares useful links.

  11. @mjcarter
  12. Mark Carter helps entreprenuers and non-profit organizations create social media campaigns to help promote their business or social goal. A great guy and a great source of tips on how to best utilize social media. He’s also a co-founder of Networking for a Cause, which unites non-profits with talented freelancers willing to work pro-bono for great organizations.

  13. @fairminder
  14. Jim is a website designer and wordpress theme expert. He’s very conversational is a great source for design advice.

  15. @CollaredCanine
  16. The Collared Canine is new to the twitter game but I love her custom made dog collars and know her IRL and know she’s got the gift so she gets a spot on the list. Follow her so she tweets more!

  17. @digiphile
  18. A prolific tweeter. He shares tons of interesting stories and sites and is always at the forefront of upcoming technology.

  19. @kn0thing
  20. Alexis ohanian is a co-founder of reddit.com, one of my favorite social networks. He’s funny and tweets out codes for free copies of the iReddit app for the iPhone.

  21. @danschawbel
  22. Dan Schawbel is a personal and business branding expert. He’s one of the top voices on branding and is a great representative for my generation. Check out his recently released book, Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success, which discusses personal branding and how social media can help.

  23. @URwingman
  24. Thomas Edwards is twitter’s version of Will Smith in Hitch. He’s an expert dating consultant and a blast to follow on twitter. Come on geeks, you know you need dating help!

  25. @KevenDones
  26. Keven is the founder and CEO of Labortopia, a resource for small business owners and freelancers in Massachusetts.

  27. @Boston_Police
  28. The official Boston Police Department’s twitter account. Love what they’re doing with twitter so far and they also have big plans for the future for “twittah”.

  29. @zaibatsu
  30. Reg Saddler is a social media legend. You may remember him from when he was banned from Digg. Well, he’s back with a vengeance and tweets a ridiculous amount of interesting and useful links.

  31. @bostonmarketer
  32. Rachel Levy is a marketing pro. She’s also co-founder of Boston Tweetup, a twitter account and show that informs Bostonians of local tweetups.

  33. @twitterbo
  34. Bo is a health oriented internet entrepreneur. He sends out a massive amount of links to health related articles.

  35. @waynesutton
  36. Wayne is a technology evangelist hailing from the Tarheel state. He posts tons of blogs, videos, podcasts and consults on how to implement new media strategies.

  37. @mdurwin
  38. Michael Durwin is marketing and social media strategist. He replies quickly to tweets and is very informed.

  39. @TheOnion
  40. America’s Finest News Source. Nuff said.

  41. @stevegarfield
  42. Steve is a podcaster, video maker, writer, speaker and media all star. He’s also the founder of Boston Media Makers, a panel that brings together some of the best and brightest talent in the Boston media niche.

  43. @universalhub
  44. Adam Gaffin is the founder of Boston news aggregator, Universal Hub. He’s also a genius headline writer. His twitter account is a great way to stay updated on the latest stories hitting UH.

  45. @kristofcreative
  46. Kristof is an SEO expert and offers free consulting sessions to his twitter followers. Jump on these sessions if you get a chance, he’s a treasure trove of SEO knowledge.

  47. @mayhemstudios
  48. Calvin Lee is a designer who tweets all day (seemingly), yet still delivers fresh links and replies a lot.

  49. @repcor
  50. Rebecca Corliss is a singing inbound marketing expert for Hubspot. She’s extremely sociable, knowledgeable and funny too!

  51. @JesseNewhart
  52. Jesse is a freelance journalist and multimedia artist. Sends out great links on writing tips and the cutting edge of journalism and social media.

  53. @mike_elgan
  54. Mike is a technology writer for Ziff Davis, Computerworld, Information Week amongst others. He’s also got a great blog and posts a nice amount of interesting links about tech and the world in general.

  55. @outspokenmedia
  56. Outspoken Media is an awesome internet marketing agency run by @lisabrone, @sugarrae, and @rhea.

  57. @russpage
  58. Russ is an SEO expert. He’s also a great conversationalist and is giving away a great book for his 1,000th follower, he’s only 27 away!

  59. @justingroy
  60. Justin is an all-star recruiter. He’s also a co-founder of Networking for a Cause.

  61. @markdavidson
  62. Mark is a social web expert. He tries to respond to all his tweets but with over 37,000 followers, admits it’s humanly impossible. He’s another treasure trove of info about social media and web strategy.

  63. @BostonTweet
  64. Tom O’Keefe is the man behind this twitter acccount, which is the front end for a site also called BostonTweet. Basically, if you send a message @BostonTweet, that message will automatically get posted to the site where other people can see and comment on it. A great way to promote events in Boston and find great info on restaurants and other happenings in the city.

  65. @DougH
  66. Doug Haslam is public relations professional and very involved in social media. He works for Shift Communications, am excellent PR agency in Boston and San Francisco.

  67. @penelopetrunk
  68. Author of the Brazen Careerist blog and co-founder of the Brazen Careerist site. Penelope is an amazing source of career advice.

  69. @PaughGinney
  70. Ryan is the community manager and co-founder of Brazen Careerist, a site that syndicates great content from Gen Y bloggers. Cool dude and a great resource on community building and social media.

  71. @TomVolkar
  72. Tom is a business and life coach who helps you successfully take your business ideas and implement them so you can become independent.

  73. @monicaobrien
  74. Monica is a Gen Y marketer and author of the popular Twenty Set blog. She writes lots of useful tips for fellow young professionals.

  75. @shankargan
  76. Shankar Ganesh is another young twitter user. He’s only 17 and runs a successful blog and freelance writes from India. He’s very engaging and posts tech links.

  77. @RussAdams
  78. Russ is a web design blogger and constantly tweets out great links on web design, social media, productivity and more.

  79. @bcarroll7
  80. Becky Carroll is the founder of the Petra Consulting group and a teacher at the University of California in San Deigo, where she teaches a class on social media.

  81. @newmediajim
  82. Jim’s bio rocks and explains everything better than I can:

    new media soul trapped in an old media body

    He’s a new media producer who uses his 18 years of experience in television production to pump out great new media.

  83. @jjwright85
  84. Justin is a member of The 42nd Estate and a blogging expert.

To the 200 other tweeps I follow, sorry I couldn’t include all of you. You still rock and if this site was called The 242nd Estate you’d all be listed!

Enjoyed this list? Follow me on twitter!

Who are a few of your favorite twitter users? Let us know in the comments below.

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10 Responses to “42 of My Favorite Tweeps”

  1. 42 of my favorite tweeps: http://bit.ly/6tW1e Yup, those are my #followfriday recommendations.

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  2. @unmarketing Took your idea & magnified it, made a list of 42 users to follow WITH descriptions! http://bit.ly/6tW1e #followfriday

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  3. […] official post today but bounce on over to The 42nd Estate and check out my list of 42 great twitter users to follow for #followfriday. They’re all great people and very worthy of you follows, check them out […]

  4. In case you missed it earlier, 42 of my favorite tweeps http://bit.ly/6tW1e Please RT! #followfriday

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

  5. Thanks for featuring me, Adam. So nice of you 🙂

    I’ll check out the other twitterers you’ve mentioned as well.


  6. No problem Shankar, you’re a great twitterer!

    Check him out everyone.

  7. Thanks for featuring me, and at #1 at that. Should I be happy or embarrassed that I twitter so much? 😉

  8. No problem Rex. You definitely should not be embarrassed, I just wonder how you get so much done. Admit it, you’ve successfully created a Rex Dixon clone to split your work with.

    P.S. The list was in no order, so you can be proud to be #1 but everyone is ranked the same on this list. You’re all great twitter users!

  9. [twitter] A List of 42 Twitter Users I Highly Recommend | The 42nd Estate http://tinyurl.com/d75eo4

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

  10. very cool #followfriday idea done by @AdamPieniazek – http://bit.ly/n05cK

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

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