Want to Earn $60 and get published at FreelanceSwitch.com?

Posted by Adam Pieniazek | News | December 26th, 2008

While catching up on my RSS feeds this afternoon, a post from FreelanceSwitch caught my eye. On December 24th, FreelanceSwitch announced that they are accepting article contributions once again. If you’re a freelancer or have skills or knowledge useful to a freelancer, I suggest you submit an article to their site. For one, you’ll be exposed to a huge, huge audience plus FreelanceSwitch will pay you $60 per article (if accepted and published)!

Even better, they allow you to re-print the article offline (magazine, newspaper etc). They ask that you do not post the full article online anywhere else, which is extremely reasonable considering they’re paying you $60 for your work!

Before submitting any articles, take a look at the article contribution rules. If any of you end up contributing an article that gets accepted, send us the link via the comments below or via e-mail as we’d love to read and promote it!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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