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Posted by Adam Pieniazek | Spotlight | October 18th, 2009

Debbie Merion from Essay Coaching was referred to us for help turning her existing Flash-based site into an easy to manage WordPress setup. Moving from Flash to HTML/CSS wrapped in a wordpress installation helped optimize Essay Coaching for search engines and human visitors and gives Debbie an easy way to post updates to her new site.

A New Design

During the course of the project, the focus began to shift from mimicking the existing site to transforming it into a new design with new functionalities. Using Debbie’s existing logo and color scheme as a base, we built upon the flexible and efficient Thesis theme, allowing for easy upgrades in the future and a solid SEO foundation to promote from. The end product is an XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant site that looks great, is optimized for search engine traffic and highlights Debbie’s great essay help services.

Take a look at the site below:

Essay Coaching for College Admissions

Essay Coaching for College Admissions

Web Presence Consulting

Debbie was looking to streamline her online work process with the new site. In addition to the new look, we added an appointment form, contact form, and payment form to enable her to perform her coaching services online from start to finish. As a writer, Debbie also wanted to showcase her book. Visitors to her site are now able to easily find Debbie’s book and read an excerpt before deciding on making a purchase.

We also helped Debbie emphasize her online video coaching sessions, by featuring them at the top of each page’s sidebar. Debbie also looked to The 42nd Estate for consulting help, particularly in the promoting her site and services online. During our ongoing sessions we’re helping Debbie draw traffic to her site via quality content optimized to showcase her talent and experiences to all visitors.

So far, Debbie reports an increase in appointments scheduled, books sold, and an overall improved web presence. Contact Debbie today if you’re a parent or student looking for help with college admissions essay.

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