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Posted by Adam Pieniazek | Spotlight | October 8th, 2009

We’re unveiling a new feature here called Spotlight. The Spotlight category will shine the light on some of the work we’ve done across the web. We’re thinking it’s a good way to introduce you to some of our work while we get a portfolio section integrated into our new design. We’ll also keep the Spotlight feature once a portfolio is up and running as it’s a nice way to give additional information on each project. First up in the Spotlight is Dish It Out Boston!

Dish It Out Landing Page

Dish It Out approached us for advice on social media and Search Engine Optimization for a site yet to launch. The first thing we noticed was that their site did not resolve to the domain name. Instead when you punched in that domain, it forwarded you to a mac web space area landing page. Within a day of contacting us, we set up hosting to resolve the domain name to, installed a wordpress installation and created a unique landing page with a Boston backdrop. Doing so allowed Dish It Out to start acquiring links and building a subscriber list to help with their future launch.

Here’s a look at the Dish It Out pre-launch landing page:

The Dish It Out Boston pre-launch landing page

The Dish It Out Boston pre-launch landing page

Boston Businesswomen Community

Dish It Out is an organization designed to connect and help Boston based female business owners. Its owner Catherine Howe has tons of great ideas for the new site and is a natural networker. If you’re a women in the Boston area and your run or own your own business, make sure to head over to Dish It Out and subscribe to their feed to get updates on the new site’s progress.

Check out the landing page we created for them and make sure to subscribe to their feed to be updated on their progress. And a big hearty thanks to werkunz1 for taking the awesome photo of Boston and posting it under the CC BY-SA 2.0 license so we could use it as the cool backdrop for the site.

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5 Responses to “Spotlight: Dish It Out Boston”

  1. Dish It Out Connects Boston Businesswomen | The 42nd Estate

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

  2. Adam,

    Great idea to profile your work. Sounds like another great organization for Boston.

    One question: Last week at the unConference in the famous Scott Kirsner – Tim Rowe “TurboCharging” event, one of the organizations listed was Bettina’s Women CEO organization that was apparently informal enough to not have a name. I don’t know if they’re the same group…but if not, they should probably be aware of each other so they can collaborate or be complimentary to one another.


  3. Not the same group, but I’ll let Catherine, who runs Dish It Out know about Bettina’s group. Thanks Jason!

  4. Oooh, good find Jason!

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