OTIBR is Live!

Posted by Adam Pieniazek | News | September 29th, 2008

As our subscribers know, today is the launch of OTIBR – Only The Internet’s Best Reviews! We’ve got five reviews up on the site right now and will be posting a few more as the day goes on. Stop by and let us know what you think.

Our highest rating given out so far is a 37 (out of 42) to the super fresh and ripe Kona Sugarloaf. When writing about the White Pineapple, John says:

I can say, without hesitation or hyperbole, that this was the best pineapple I’ve ever had. It was even better than the ones I had when I was actually on the farm where they grow.

Quite a strong recommendation right there!

Our lowest rating given out so far is a 4, yes a 4 (again, out of 42). This distinct honor goes to Michael Moore’s new documentary, Slacker Uprising. Adam (hey, that’s me!) writes about unfulfilled expectations:

I was expecting a documentary discussing the voter frauds that occurred in Ohio to steal the election for George W. Bush but instead got a lot of Michael Moore’s self love fest and then some more Michael Moore.

No more Michael Moore, please no more!

There’s a small sample of the reviews we’ve published so far. Check out the full reviews and watch out for more later on today.

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2 Responses to “OTIBR is Live!”

  1. We’re live? That’s wicked pissah!

    Josh G.
  2. Yeah buddy! OTIBRness 4 life!

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