OTIBR.com: A Preview of Only The Internet’s Best Reviews

Posted by Adam Pieniazek | Preview | September 15th, 2008

While we get our sites ready, steady, and going let’s take a look at, OTIBR.com, which is launching September 29, 2008. One of the founding tenets of The 42nd Estate is the power of the individual voice and the ability for local communities to amplify that voice. As such, early on we decided one of the main sites we’ll host will be devoted solely to reviews. So was born OTIBR: Only The Internet’s Best Reviews.

When introducing OTIBR, many people follow up with a question about what specifically we’ll review. Well, we certainly did not want to limit ourselves, nor restrict any viewpoint, so we decided to review anything and everything. Since we’re a small group right now it’ll be difficult to review every item in the world, but we’re going to review as many products from our daily lives as we can. Eventually OTIBR will open up the review process to the general public allowing anyone to submit their opinion on any product, idea, location, or anything they desire!

Let’s take a peek at the OTIBR home page.

The OTIBR main page

The OTIBR main page

As you can see, there’s a lot of information to digest there but with the nice graphical cues we hope and think you can quickly scan and find what you’re looking for. If not, there’s a nice big search button in the top right corner, and of course you can always e-mail us.

Let’s take a look at an actual review. Since it’s front and center (and an awesome flick), let’s click through to the review for Equilibrium.

The Equilibrium review

The Equilibrium review

As you can see, there are options to e-mail, print, or comment right at the top of the review. Also, you’ll see we’ve chosen a 42 point scale as it’s simply the most efficient and versatile scale ever. More on the rating system in the second preview next week.

Check out the nice big screen capture at the bottom of the review. Our reviews will feature nice, big, detailed pictures (where applicable) to give you the best idea of the product. We like pretty pictures and know you do too!

That’s all for today’s preview, but make sure to subscribe to The 42nd Estate’s blog feed or, if you prefer, sign up for e-mail updates to guarantee you receive further news about OTIBR and our other sites. If you wish to receive updates solely about Only The Internet’s Best Reviews you’re in luck. The OTIBR RSS feed is live, as is the e-mail subscription. Sign up today to follow OTIBR as we approach our September 29th launch!

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5 Responses to “OTIBR.com: A Preview of Only The Internet’s Best Reviews”

  1. OTIBR is the definition of getting after life.

    Josh G.
  2. Yes sir it is. I’m pumped, it’s getting a good reception.

  3. We’re not live yet but here’s a preview…

    We’re officially launching OTIBR – Only The Internet’s Best Reviews on September 29, 2008. Until then, browse on over to our parent company’s blog and check out the first preview of OTIBR.com. The site may have some minor changes over…

  4. […] Best Reviews. If you’re curious how the site will look make sure to check out the latest post there for two screen captures of OTIBR. We’ve also chosen a launch date, September 29th 2008, so keep your calendars free that […]

  5. Looking forward to the launch, this site is going to blow all the other review sites away.

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