No More Web Hosting

Posted by Adam Pieniazek | News | May 20th, 2009

One of our featured services here at The 42nd Estate is a managed WordPress web hosting service. We have a dedicated server which we use to set up WordPress installations for clients and also help them install & update valuable plugins as well as tweak their blogs to run efficiently and rank well in the search engines. Though our clients have found the service valuable, we will no longer offer web hosting.

Truthfully, the service requires a lot of manpower to run and keep up. We never intended to compete with web hosting companies. Rather, we offered the service as a way for our clients to have a one point of contact for all their web needs. However, as we sign up more and more clients to our web hosting service, it takes more and more time, energy, and money to keep running.

Breaking Point

We’ve finally hit a point where we realized that web hosting was taking up more and more of our time while providing quickly diminishing returns (especially at our very cheap price point!). Thus, we’ve decided to no longer offer the web hosting service and instead focus on freelance writing, blog and social media consulting, and a new service which ties in directly to our consulting work. We’ll announce the new service soon and replace the web hosting section with it.

We’ll continue to host sites for our existing clients but going forward will not be accepting new clients to our web hosting service. We will still help clients setup WordPress blogs and tweak them to maximum efficiency, but this service will now be officially rolled up into our blog consulting product.

We hope that dropping the web hosting option will allow us to better focus on our true skills in freelance writing and social media/blog consulting. Overall, it will make us a stronger company and allow us to serve our customers better. There’s plenty of solid web hosts out in the market who offer a great server with relatively cheap rates and we’ll be more then happy to recommend a few options to anyone in need of self-hosted WordPress installations.

If you have any questions about this announcement or are looking for help migrating your WordPress blog (or setting up a new one), feel free to drop us an e-mail.

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  1. FYI: The 42nd Estate will no longer offer a wordpress/web hosting service. It will make us stronger overall!

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