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Posted by Adam Pieniazek | News | October 27th, 2008

At the tail end of last week, we launched another new site, Proletariat Power. As faithful followers of The 42nd Estate already now, we’re very big on using the internet to continue giving more and power to individuals and local communities. Proletariat Power is one way we hope to achieve that mission, by focusing on politicians, people, and groups who do not normally get the mainstream’s attention.

Last week we live blogged the third party debate between Ralph Nader and Constitutional candidate Chuck Baldwin and covered Ralph’s record breaking Saturday (we hoped to have more coverage of Ralph’s speech at the Federal Reserve but technical difficulties, aka someone slept in late, got in the way). Over the coming months we’ll continue to bring you news that concerns the majority of us that is not covered by the mainstream media. Stay tuned this week for pictures, videos and accounts of a loud, lively and passionate peace protest that occurred in Boston a few weeks ago.

For those who worry about the look of the site (which in my opinion is simple but nice), we’re currently working on a few very cool logos and other touch ups to give the site an identity of its own, so do not worry we know that content is king and that design is queen but we simply have too important a message to wait any longer (and judging from our already impressive traffic numbers you agree — thank you!).

Power to the people!

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