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Posted by Adam Pieniazek | News | November 5th, 2008

Today, November 5th, is the last day in 2008 to apply to the 9rules blogging network. For those unaware, 9rules is basically a network of quality blogs, anywhere you see a 9rules badge on a blog it’s like a seal of approval. 9rules is a bit eccentric and only has open submission into their network a few times a year and today is one of those open submission days.

9rules does a great job of explaining what they are and what they look for in a potential 9rules blog, but they do not mention anywhere how to actually submit your application!

Some people even think that you apply by sending 9rules an e-mail, which I’m sure overloads their inbox with applications and confused questions. The link in the last paragraph is to their application page, the url is common sense and logical ( but it’s still odd that they do not link to their application page more prominently (as I write this post I see they have an ad on their home page linking to their submit page and a blog post filled with submit here links so apparently they know). Perhaps it’s another hurdle to weed out the un-dedicated applicants. In either case if you wish to apply, do so at their submit application page.

Good luck!

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3 Responses to “How to Apply to 9rules”

  1. I have seen some sites with the 9 rules badge but never knew what it was about. Thanks i will read more about them.

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  2. Me too, I’ve seen a few but never knew what it meant. Thanks for explaining!

  3. Thanks i never heard of the 9 rules before. Sounds like they only allow certain blogs into it.

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