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WordPress 2.8.5 Released & Exploit Scanner Recommended

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009
Wordpress 2.8.5 has just been released. The main additions are security tweaks, which makes the update a must download. Read the full post

Activate Stats After Upgrade

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009
We’ve witnessed and received reports that after upgrading the stats plugin, blogs will not record stats unless you go into the plugins section and activate the plugin. No error messages are given during the upgrade, and it appears to re-activate correctly, but if you browse into the dashboard Blog Stats will not be listed. Read the full post

Top Ten Ways to Write a Top Ten Ways Post

Saturday, October 10th, 2009
You may have heard that lists are a great way to generate traffic to your blog. Well it’s true. People love lists because it gives them easily digestible information in a step by step format that encourages them to take action. One of the most popular list post type is the top X ways to do Y. Giving your visitors a single awesome tip on how to save money will likely turn them into subscribers. Giving them ten top tips on how to save money will make them evangelists. Read the full post

Five Things to Look for in Source Code for SEO

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

A few days weeks ago [we’re back!] we talked about why viewing the source code should be the first step in analyzing a site for SEO and a few tools to help make the task a bit easier. So now that we’ve …

Read the full post

How to Add Google Ad Section Targeting in Thesis

Friday, August 21st, 2009
Recently Matt Cutts gave a talk called Straight from Google: What You Need to Know at WordCamp San Francisco 2009. His talk revolved around why bloggers blog (money? fame? fun?) and how bloggers can improve their SEO. Jim Gaudet noted a couple lines of code from the presentation that are highly relevant to bloggers using Adsense to make money online. The two lines dictate where the unique content starts and ends on your page. It’s a handy way to have the Adsense algorithms display more relevant advertisements to your visitors. Read the full post

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